Monday, 31 March 2014

And the winner of the Mammoth Book of Gorgeous Guys giveaway is....

Jeanette Simms, Dublin, Ireland! Congratulations, your prize is on it's way!

Thanks to all those who took part.

Friday, 7 March 2014


Mammoth Giveaway!

Want to win this gorgeous paperback book?

To have a chance of winning The Mammoth Book of Gorgeous Guys, please go HERE and leave me a message in the comments, telling me which of the excerpts is your favorite and why, and include your name and location. At the end of the competition, I'll get an author friend to select the winner by choosing their favorite answer.

RULES: The competition runs from now until March 31st 2014 and the judge's decision is final. The winner will receive their prize by post as soon as possible after the competition ends. I will announce the winner here and update this page with instructions on how to get in touch to claim your prize, so will need to check back at the end of March to see if you are the lucky winner.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Introducing the Shades of Love series

Shades of Love, 3
As yet another relationship ends badly, Kerri Robertson is left wondering why sex always leaves her feeling frustrated and she decides to seek the advice of a counselor. After only one session with her therapist, the gorgeous Sebastian March, Kerri is reassured to discover that there's definitely nothing wrong with her libido.

A unique ability to sense what women really want makes Sebastian the ideal therapist for Kerri, but when his first session with her reveals as much about his own sexual identity as it does about hers, he wants her to become far more than just his patient. Whether she is prepared to admit it or not, Kerri needs to be dominated in bed, and Sebastian wants to be the one to do it.
Be Warned: spanking, bondage, sex toys, anal play

Kerri nodded, her gaze fixed on his lips, desperate to taste him again.  "Okay."

"If you want me to stop doing something, you have to tell me. Don't expect me to have enough control over my abilities to know every thought that goes through your head. If you don't stop me, I'll take your silence as consent.  And I'd better warn you up front that I'm not going to give you time to feel self-conscious or allow that over-analytical brain of yours to get in the way again. When your body is crying out for more, I am going to give it to you, and if you pull away from me, I'll drag you back and just keep right on doing it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand, but how do I know I'm giving you what you need?"

"You'll know because you're only gonna do what I'll tell you to do. This isn't a democracy, Kerri. For the next few hours at least, I want you to surrender to me." 

Sebastian cupped her face in his hands and crushed his lips to hers in a kiss hot enough to melt her insides. Kerri clung to him, her hands pulling at his shoulders, trying to get closer, but he pulled back without warning and took a step away from her.

"You see that door over there? That's my bedroom. I want you to go through, climb onto the bed, and wait there until I come for you. When I enter the room, I expect to find you on your knees with your legs spread wide and your hands gripping the headboard." 

Kerri did as she was told.  At first, she felt stupid.  How long did he expect her to wait for him? But, as the seconds ticked by, and she stopped listening out for clues he might be approaching, she became aware of her body. The warm night air kissed her skin and tickled her most intimate places. Her breasts felt heavy where they dangled beneath her torso, and she began to notice the way they quivered each time she took a breath. A gentle throbbing sensation sprang to life in her groin, demanding her attention, and she spread her legs wider, exposing more of her sensitive flesh. A hot trickle of moisture seeped out of her pussy and over her clit, and she bit her lip to stop herself crying out.

She wanted to touch herself, needed to come, and she didn't care whether Sebastian watched her this time or not. Kerri took one hand off the headboard and slipped it between her legs.

"I told you not to move."

Kerri jumped at the sound of his voice and strained to look behind her, scanning the darkness for him.  She hadn't realized he was so close.  His shape appeared at the edge of her vision, and she turned to face the headboard again, almost weak with excitement at the thought of what he might do.  The mattress dipped as he leaned on the bed, and she felt his lips brush over her shoulder before he pressed them to her ear.

"If you do one more thing I didn't explicitly tell you to do, I'm going to spank you. Do you understand?"

The words were uttered in a husky whisper but that didn't lessen the impact they had on her body. 

Shades of Love, 2 
Part-time firefighter and full-time rancher Seth Coulter will do anything to save the family ranch. He applies to take part in a TV reality show featuring emergency service personnel in the hopes of winning the grand prize.

 TV producer Maya Franklin is so jaded by years of living in LA that she can't quite believe Seth is as decent as he seems during his audition, so she rejects his application. The insane sexual chemistry between them leads her to his hotel room that night but a call from the studio, telling her they want Seth for the show, forces her to leave before anything can happen.

Seth and Maya are reunited on location and, this time, she's his boss. Despite her intention to keep him at arm's length, she underestimates Seth's determination to get what he wants, and what he wants is her!
Be Warned: anal play

"Get these off," she groaned against his mouth, tugging at the belt she was having trouble with. 
The confidence in her touch both turned him on and taunted him.  So, Maya thought she was gonna be the boss in the bedroom the same way she was at the studio?  Well, it was time he disabused her of that idea.  Seth chuckled against her mouth and pulled away.

"So the thought of me standing here in nothing but my hat and a smile makes you hot, is that it?"

Maya looked stunned at his question, but then she smiled and cocked a suggestive eyebrow.  "You say that like it's a bad thing."

"There's not a damned thing wrong with that idea.  And I'm happy to oblige, but—", Seth grinned at Maya's puzzled look, and he hooked his finger into the waistband of her slacks to flip open the button. "You gotta get naked first."

A flash of irritation, a glimmer of nerves, and then a spark of heat passed through her gaze in the following seconds, and Seth knew which one she'd settled for when she took another step back and tore down her zipper.  His cock throbbed in response to the sight of her taut abdomen and a scrap of black lace peeking through her fly.  Maya slid her hands over her outer thighs, pushing the linen pants down her endless, toned legs and kicking them off.  Seth sent up a prayer of silent thanks when she picked up her discarded slacks and turned to place them on the bed. The urge to get his hands on her peach shaped ass almost drove him crazy as she kept her back to him and wriggled out of her T-shirt. Finally she turned, and Seth was pretty sure he groaned aloud.

"Your turn," she said, hands on hips, dragging his attention away from her body.

Seth laughed. Or at least he tried to. He was having trouble forcing the sound through his constricted throat.  "Uh-uh … you ain't naked yet."

"This is as far as I'm going on my own, Cowboy."  

She walked towards him, but, just when he expected her to wrap her arms around his neck, she placed her palms against his chest and shoved him up against the wall.  His hat fell off, but neither of them seemed to care about it anymore.  Seth held his hands at his sides, his palms itching with the urge to touch her but his brain telling him to hold still until she got his pants open. This time, she tugged on the belt so hard, his body jerked away from the wall. Maya groaned as the belt gave way, and her gaze flew up to meet his as she thrust her hands into his jeans and grabbed his cock without hesitation.  Her nails scratched his torso as she dragged his T-shirt up to his neck, and her hot mouth latched on to his nipple, sending another searing pulse of arousal through him.

She'd turned the tables on him again

Shades of Love, 1 
When Olivia Fitzgerald gets a bit tipsy on a friend's hen night, the last thing she expects is trouble with a policeman. Even worse, the policeman is her ex, Michael Williams.
Michael stops her from getting arrested and insists on seeing her home. Olivia can't resist the urge to ask the question that has haunted her since they split—why did he never have sex with her?

Michael just wants to get Olivia home without revealing that he is still in love with her. But Olivia ends up in his arms, begging him to take her to bed. He doesn't want to reject her again, even if he is on duty, but he just can't imagine a good girl like Olivia allowing him to do the dirty things he'd always longed to do with her.

Can he dare to hope she might still love him after she spends one night in his custody?
Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking

His hands began to move in slow, soothing circles, reminding her of the gentle and respectful way he used to touch her all those years ago, usually after he'd rejected her latest attempt to get him to have sex with her. Each time he'd sworn he wanted her just as badly, but thought they should wait until after they were married. Olivia had never had the chance to find out if he'd told her the truth because they never made it to the altar.

So he's rejecting me again? A wave of anger chased away her tears.  The naive nineteen-year-old he used to know would have let him get away with it, but she didn't exist anymore. In her place stood a slightly drunk, totally pissed off, and now, mildly horny thirty-year-old who would hang up her Jimmy Choos in shame forever if she didn't give him something to remember her by before he disappeared out of her life again. 

She grabbed his helmet off his head and ran farther into the house, flying up the stairs with an agility she wouldn't have thought herself capable of.  Olivia heard his curse behind her and the sound of his boots hitting the tile. For one awful moment she thought he was leaving, but then she heard her front door close and heavy footsteps getting closer.

She tiptoed into the bedroom, leaving the door slightly ajar so he would know where to find her when he came to look for her. Her fingers shook as she fumbled with the straps on her bodysuit, barely managing to slip them off her shoulders it and let the outfit fall to the floor. 

The underwear she had on wasn't her sexiest, or even that nice, but if she got her way he would rip it off anyway, so it was probably for the best.  Olivia ruffled her hair, plonked his helmet on her head and put her hands on her hips just as the door began to creak open.

Michael froze in the doorway, his hand wrapped around the handle. The trembling in her knees got stronger as the seconds ticked by and neither of them moved. Her nerves dissipated when she heard him suck in a raspy breath, and he blinked a couple of times, as if not believing what he was seeing. Finally, he spoke.

“Give me back my helmet.”  His voice held an edge that she would never have dared challenge in the past, but things were different now. He didn't intimidate her like he used to.

“Make me.”

Michael released his grip on the door knob and took a step towards her, a small grin creasing his cheek but doing little to disguise the tension evident on his face.  “You don't know what you're asking for.”

The subtle threat in his words and the power radiating from him, made the breath still in her chest.  But she wasn't scared ... she was more turned on that she had ever been in her life.  The memory of him manhandling her earlier, and the little fantasy she'd indulged in regarding his handcuffs, sprang in to her mind.  The reaction of her body made it crystal clear, even to her intoxicated brain, that she still wanted Michael, but not in the gentle way she used to fantasize about as a kid.  

She wanted him to take her.  She wanted him to make her do things.  And not to stop doing them even if she begged him to.

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